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Why I Started

When i held my children (ben 8, aiden 6) the first time. I felt instant love. i promised to myself i will always be there for them.

Hi, my name is Tamas Mark. I am 46 y.o. I live in Melbourne, Australia.

Unfortunately, I was trading time for money. Although, I enjoyed my profession as a furniture upholsterer, my work commitments became too much. I was trying to support my family and keep up with the increasing cost of living.

I used to be stressed, overworked and impatient no time and energy left for my children.

For some reason I thought things will be different and I was procrastinating to make a change. I also had a huge amount of fear to go down any uknown path. 

So I kept on going. The relationship with my wife suffered. I had no time for myself either. My diet, physical and mental wellbeing was in the worst shape ever.

Often I found myself awake at night worrying about my family's future. I just could not see us in 1 or 2 years still living the same way. 

One late night I was watching motivational videos on my phone. I came across a video where a man was talking about the life freedom he created using digital skills. His message resonated with me. I kept his details but I was hesitant to take action...

A few weeks later, My older son Ben had an important karate training. I couldn't get there in time because of work commitment. We missed the training. Ben was upset. 

That evening I got my old laptop out, went online, got it touch with the man from the ad, Stuart Ross, who became my teacher. 

He taught me step by step how to start an online business  and helped me to turn my life around for the better...


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