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Education & Business Opportunity

No hype, no fluff easy to follow education that empowers each and every individual with new digital skills. You will learn how to harness the power of the internet and reach millions of people around the planet and share your passion while earning a meaningful income.

Spiritual Growth & Personal Development

Regular meditation helps you to quiet your mind and bring more awareness around limiting thoughts, emotions and beliefs. Setting specific goals, and visualizing the desired outcome makes you laser-focused and puts you on the state of flow. Instead of struggling you start thriving...

Community & Mentors

Your lonely journey has ended. You'll be surrounded by like-minded people who will give you strong, unconditional support so you can earn while you learn, grow and live a purposeful life.

About me


I used to feel disconnected from myself, other people and the mainstream view of our society.

It manifested as depression, anxiety and loneliness.

The only place I found peace was in nature, at home with my children and when I was meditating 

I felt lost, I couldn’t identify myself with any social status, in fact, I didn't know who I was anymore.

Because  I'd lost direction in life and I couldn't be the inspiration to my kids.

To find my way again I read self-help books and watched a lot of self-help videos on youtube. 

Throughout my journey at the SFM, I have received an amazing education, I'm a part of an incredible community, made friendships for life, and I've found a new direction and purpose.

And now, I have the privilege to guide others to find their ground in the digital environment.

Right now. we're entering a new era and we're at the end of an evolutionary cycle in human history where the ego and profit-driven large corporations are falling and individuals and small communities are rising and they will thrive to create a more conscious and kinder world



Let’s be part of it together...😊

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Tamas Mark Csomai

Tamas with his kids
Tamas with his kids in the snow
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