10+1 Reasons To Start An Online Business

10 + 1 Reason To Start An Online Business – Why you want to do it

The digital world has entangled itself with our “real” world.
It made life a lot more streamlined, effective, simple and instant.
Starting a business in this unique environment has its own beauty, simplicity, and has a lot of benefits.
Let’s see just a few.

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10+1 Reasons to Start an Online Business

1. Become your own boss – The Biggest reason to start an online business!

Lady working on her laptop in her studio
Self Employed Lady working from home

When you work for someone else you actually make their dreams and visions come true. Why not work on your own dreams and goals?
Imagine when there is no restriction on what you do or learn. Your imagination, creativity, self-awareness, morals and goodwill is your guide!
What would you do?
Are you waiting for some time in the future to achieve those goals and dreams that you have been putting aside?
Why not now?
There is nothing more empowering than being in charge of all areas of your life. And chase after your dreams. That feeling of life is worth living because you have a purpose and a goal to work towards to, is amazing!
You are in your power when making own decisions and take actions with full responsibility. You only have to answer to yourself. 10 + 1 Reasons to Start Your Online Business

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2. Personal Growth

Young boy reaching for the Sky
The Sky Is The Limit

Being self-reliant will force you to keep your mind open. It will put you on a track to learn and move fast with the ever-changing environment.

New knowledge and experience will create a fresh perspective, a wider vision, a different destination. There is always an opportunity to learn new things on professional and on a personal level. Growing as a person includes all aspect of our life.
The relationship, professional, social, health, diet, intellectual and financial.

When you constantly invest and improve yourself,
you make your life and the people’s life around you much better.

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3. Manage your own time

Business Calendar
Business Calendar

A good time management skill is an essential part of being a successful business owner. Imagine creating your own time schedule rather than relying on a boss. You decide on your priorities and plan your day/week/month ahead. No one tells you what you do with your time. All right.. all right.. your partner and your kids will do…
How would you spend your day doing something meaningful to you? What activities would you do in your online business? How much time would you spend on it?

You can start an online business part-time. Just work constantly a few hours a day. Then once it is up and running you can manage your business around your family life rather than another way around.

No more missed school performances or sports events.! Even have time to take the kids to extra music lessons and other activities. How about a random family vacation!? It sounds awesome, doesn’t it!?

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4. No more peak hour traffic

Peak Hour Traffic
Peak Hour Traffic

I used to spend 3 hours a day on bus and train just to get to work and back home. Crowded buses, trains, sometimes smelly too. Lots of frustrating cancellations and angry commuters. You perhaps spend hours in your car stuck in peak hour traffic.

Instead, picture this:
Spending a nice breakfast with your family?
Or go to your local Gym?
Read the paper?
Watch news?
Do something productive? How about sleeping in?

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5. Freedom

 Handcuffs are off

Liberated from the rat race 9-5 job. Not feeling like a puppet pulled by a string.
Freedom of creativity. Let your personality shine through. Rather than trying to fit in and be accepted by some company policy. Or having controlled by procedures.

Being able to truly express ourselves and not feeling ashamed because it doesn’t fit into the company profile.
Wearing the cloth you wish. Not having to wear a compulsory uniform made out of 100 per cent polyester!

How about becoming a global citizen?
No more country borders!! Working from a laptop, iPad or even from a mobile phone. Anywhere in the world only need an internet connection.
One day your office could be by the beach, or in the park, another day in a cafe, hotel or library. Name a country..a region. Let your imagination run wild!

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6. Access to Global Digital Economy

Showing statistics on the laptop screen
Analyzing Digital Economy

Billions of dollars are spent on retail purchases online each year. That amount sounds crazy! Hellllooo!! Enormous earning possibilities!!
Just think about this:
Only 8 per cent of the world’s currency exists as cash. The rest is electronic.

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7. Low start-up cost

To purchase a domain and set up a website is very easy and can be done for a few hundred dollars. Whereas starting a traditional brick and mortar business would have at least thousands of dollars starting up costs not to mention the running costs.
Starting a franchise business cost around 30-50k. You can start an online business for a tiny fraction of this.

8. Earn money 24/7

Money notes
Limitless Earning Possibilities

No more trading your time for money!! Once the business is set up it can be automated. Emails, billing, promotions, payments etc. This means you only do the work once and the rest is taken care of by automated services. Shoot a promotional video and it can be watched by thousands of people over and over again…yet you only did the work once.

9. Feeling more energetic

People are feeling good
Feeling Good

Your energy level is naturally higher when
have a mission,
a purpose in life.

You are able to do things which you thought was impossible. Your brain functions a lot better and it seems that the body is in harmony with it. It is like a well-orchestrated musical piece.

This can be fine-tuned by picking a specific part of the day when you feel most productive. It could be 5 am in the morning or 10 pm at night or 1 pm in the afternoon it doesn’t matter.

10. Being Environmentally Friendly

Beautiful forest
Beautiful Forest

To Work online saves on resources, raw materials and energy. A lot more time can be spent on nurturing a family life or that we value the most.

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10 + 1 Happiness


We are a lot happier when doing the things we love. We also live longer 🙂

These are only a few benefits from the top of my head. Can you think of more?

10+1 Reasons To Start An Online Business

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Tamas Mark

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