A Shared Learning Experience – The rewarding way to connect with your child

Learning a new skill together with your child is one of the best ways to connect with each other. It removes the child-parent boundary line and is simply about two humans who are discovering something new. It is an opportunity to bond. 

A few weeks ago my older son, Ben, who is 8 years old asked for a skateboard for his birthday. I thought I should get one for myself too regardless of the fact that that I was 46. Why not try it since as a child, I never got to try it as well, so this is the perfect chance.

Nevertheless, Ben was learning much quicker than I did, so he became my little teacher. Every time we practised, we had so much fun together. Now, every Saturday afternoon is our scheduled time to have a blast at the skateboarding park. 

child on skateboard

This learning experience had many positive and surprising effects on our relationship. We had lots of moments where we were caught with laughter and neither of us got hurt badly. Learning how to ride the skateboard wasn’t as hard as I was expecting it to be.

Another surprising positive effect is that Ben is such a good listener now and good doer by doing what I tell him without having to tell him a couple of times. He has become so helpful around the house and even puts his own clothes and toys away.

Making time for a shared learning experience and bonding with my children has now become my priority. Creating a shared learning experience can be done with anything. For example, a new board game, building Lego, reading, and so much more are many opportunities to create a mini learning experience and bonding time.

What I have found important is to let the child take the leading role and let them teach us in their own unique way while we create a nurturing environment for them. I encourage you to find ways of learning a new skill with your child. Get into it with an open mind and no expectations regarding the outcome.

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Tamas Mark

Hugs Are The Bandage of The Soul – Hug Your Child Often

Hugs are not just for when you are telling your child goodbye or if they have fallen and are crying. Hugs need to be used as much as possible and the more you hug your child the better.

Whenever you hug someone you release oxytocin in their body. This will not only improve their health and mood but helps to reduce the overall stress in the body.

Though as adults we do not think about stress in our children, they actually have a lot of stress in their little minds. Should your child have any kind of disorders such as anxiety the likelihood of stress increases. So hug your child! 

Father and daughter are hugging each other
Hugs Are The Bandage of The Soul

Hugging your child benefits cognitive and emotional development. Such as when a newborn uses skin to skin to regulate body temperature, heart rate, and even blood sugars; hugging can have similar effects.

Teaching children to express their feelings and to share their love can also be taught through hugging. In a society that struggles with emotions and expressions this is important. Affection is not a weakness, but a strength to build a stronger little person.

Children need love and to feel affection. Sharing a hug gives them this. Besides teaching them to express feelings it builds a bond within the family. It gives the child the skills to feel empathy. Hugs are important and children need to be hugged often. 

Regular hugs will help a child to feel safe and secure. Besides reducing stress and teaching empathy, hugs are able to help a child to learn to feel safe. As a parent you want your child to feel safe and cherished.

You want to teach your child that they may always come to you as a safe haven. Even after a form of discipline always hug your child so that they can know that you still love them, even in the aftermath of punishment. 

While hugging a child will not fix everything, it comes close. When a child is upset and can’t communicate what they are feeling a hug can make all the difference.

So hug your child often!

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The New Way of Creating a Business

Mum and Child With a Laptop

The New Way of Creating a Business – That Serves the Wellbeing of You and Your Loved Ones

Entrepreneurs in search of profits and personal wellbeing flock to a lifestyle business where they can follow their passion instead of working to fulfil someone else’s dream. The past decade has been defined by drastic changes in the business landscape and enormous growth in businesses like Uber, Spotify, Facebook, Netflix, Dropbox, Etsy and Airbnb. 

The digital economy boasts a laptop lifestyle and flexibility that promotes increased personal wellbeing where entrepreneurs can work from anywhere in the world. The digital economy makes it possible to build a substantial business that is more a result of innovation than the long hours, financial risk and grueling sacrifices often associated with entrepreneurial success in the past. 

The New Way of Creating a Business – What is a Digital Business

Touted as a lifestyle business, digital enterprises blur traditional lines drawn between the physical world and how business is conducted in the digital world. This way of running a business has many advantages, leveraging technological advancements to decrease logistical and human resource challenges. 

Entrepreneurs focused on personal wellbeing are free to pursue their dreams in this world where technology opens up entrepreneurship to more people. Flexible work schedules, the gig economy, inexpensive marketing platforms and improved communication tools are obvious developments that currently open the path to a new way of creating a business

The New Way of Creating a Business – How the Digital Business Model Strengthens Family Life

Work-life balance has taken centerstage in recent years as a necessity. Few will argue that it is impossible to enjoy a full and satisfying life if you are forced to spend too much time away from your family. Thankfully, in large part due to the digital economy, business owners are reinventing their work life to be more compatible with a rich family experience and personal wellbeing.

the new way of creating a business.

Mothers and fathers have options today that make working from home easier. The digital economy encourages entrepreneurs to spend quality time with the kids eating a meal or playing a game, moments before having to make a conference call for an important business meeting. While there are challenges that many professionals face as they juggle work and home life, many business owners claim they get more work done sitting in their home office than in a crowded office. 

Precious hours once spent in airports on the way to meetings are no longer the norm. Travel is optional in many cases. Critical meetings with new prospects and other key business contacts can be managed face to face digitally. Many time management problems have been magically solved, allowing entrepreneurs to spend more time at home with their family. These types of changes are credited for boosting an entrepreneur’s personal wellbeing.

the new way of creating a business.

FourWeekMBA reports that business models associated with a lifestyle business are peer-to-peer marketplaces, ad-supported platforms, free and freemium businesses, and on-demand and e-commerce models, to name a few. The number of business model options is both staggering and promising. Entrepreneurs are free to analyze and create their own business model using either the new frameworks mentioned above or some derivative of them. Business professionals can literally build a business that is customized to their family life’s demands and preferences.

The New Way of Creating a Business – Self-development in a Digital Business

The challenges are many for any professional seeking to stay on top in a lifestyle business. Along with the benefits that enrich an entrepreneur’s personal wellbeing, there are no shortage of intellectual demands. Gone are the days when an entrepreneur could establish a thriving business in three to five years, then put an excellent manager in charge so they can coast for the rest of their life enjoying the fruits of their labor. While technology has lightened the load on entrepreneurs with respect to logistics, it has also been instrumental in speeding up change. What that means to entrepreneurs is that they must stay abreast of innovation in the IT realm or risk losing out to the competition. 

Forbes reports that business leaders must master digital leadership unless they want to be left behind. A competitive edge will be rewarded to entrepreneurs who harness digital assets that pave the way to new business processes and increased speed. Technological advancements such as The Internet of Things hold great promise in shaping the future of society and business, specifically.

The New Way of Creating a Business – Why Digital Businesses Are Touted as Financial Winners

It is no surprise that a lifestyle business is capable of generating great wealth. As the world shrinks largely due to the growth of the digital economy, global business will increase the marketplace, expanding opportunities for those business owners savvy enough to recognize the enormity of that fact. Science Daily predicts that global economic opportunities will become a major force behind business success. 

Another positive development attibuted to the new economy is that the barrier to entry for new businesses is much less than it once was when renting office space and hiring permanent employees defined the norm. The gig society and revolution of the old order has lessened the financial burden on entrepreneurs. Instead of incurring major debt to get a lifestyle business off the ground, technology leverages the use of people, places and things to lower expenses and increase efficiency.

An excellent example of how much easier it is to establish a business today than in the past can be explained by a comparison of marketing costs in the current digital economy and in the not so distant past. A decade ago, it was almost impossible for a small business to afford to compete with a larger rival to attract new customers. A wealthy company could outspend smaller enterprises by paying for expensive TV and radio ads. Comparatively, the digital economy has leveled the playing field in marketing by facilitating new customer acquisition affordably online. 

The New Way of Creating a Business – Conclusion

Entrepreneurs no longer have to choose between starting a business and having a rewarding family life. The digital economy makes it possible to attain personal wellbeing as the result of building a lifestyle business that works hard for them and their loved ones. 

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“11 Tips On Learning New Digital Skill Fast”

Ladies With Their Laptops

11 Tips On Learning New Digital Skill Fast – How To Keep Up With The Ever-Changing Digital World

If you are looking to keep up with the ever-changing digital world, then you may want to consider enhancing and developing a few critical skills. While some skills may require extensive study in a good education system, there are a variety of ways to develop critical digital skills within a shorter time frame. Therefore, we are bringing you 11 tips on learning new digital skills fast that stress the importance of mentorship and community. Whether you need to develop a few skills to stay ahead of the competition, or hone in on some of the skills that you have already acquired, here are 11 tips on learning new digital skills fast

11 Tips On Learning New Digital Skill Fast – Relax

The first of the 11 tips on learning new digital skills fast is to relax. As you are developing and enhancing your various digital skills it is important to section off time for breaks to relax your mental muscle. The learning process requires the relaxation of the brain after intense study sessions to retain the studied information. This also gives your brain the opportunity to recharge and ensures it is fully functional. The Pomodoro technique is one method of ensuring your brain gets the break that it needs. This method suggests that you work on a project for 25 minutes, then give yourself a five-minute break. This technique helps keep your mind rejuvenated, and ensures you do not suffer from mental fatigue. 


11 Tips On Learning New Digital Skill Fast – Improve Your Memory 

The second of the 11 tips on learning new digital skills fast is to improve your memory. Your memory is a critical element to how fast you retain information when learning or developing a new skill. While a poor memory may impede on your ability to retain information, a good memory can help you ease through the process. If you do not have a good memory there are a variety of ways that you can improve it. To improve your memory you may want to consider changing your diet, getting more sleep, or exercising. Improving your memory can help you develop your new digital skills at a much faster rate. 

11 Tips On Learning New Digital Skill Fast – Speed Reading

Another of the 11 tips on learning new digital skills fast is to speed read. This tip is often overlooked when it comes to developing skills in a good education system. Speed reading includes a variety of techniques that allow the reader to cover more text within a shorter time frame. While some individuals believe that in order to fully grasp a concept, in-depth reading is necessary, speed reading is a more time-efficient process to develop your skills. 

11 Tips On Learning New Digital Skill Fast – Mind Mapping 

The fourth of the 11 tips on learning new digital skills fast is using mind maps. This learning technique has been used throughout good education systems as a method for developing skills, provoking thoughts, and improving memory. Mind mapping is the process of breaking down larger topics or skills into easily digestible sections. There are a wide variety of benefits to using mind maps during your learning process, including a faster and more efficient method of skill development. 


11 Tips On Learning New Digital Skill Fast – Note Taking 

If you are looking to retain information faster, then you may want to consider improving your note-taking skills. Taking organized and detailed notes is an effective learning strategy that is recommended by good education systems across the United States. The goal of effective note taking is to help students recall what they have learned and retain the information over time. 

11 Tips On Learning New Digital Skill Fast – Stay Away From Distractions

Learning and developing skills require a great amount of time and attention, as most educators in a good education system are aware. If you are looking to retain information a bit faster, it is recommended that you stay away from distractions. While studying turn your phone on silent and find a quiet place. This will ensure that your focus remains on the task at hand. 

11 Tips On Learning New Digital Skill Fast – Find A Mentor

A lot of professors who teach within good education systems recognize the importance of mentorship and community. For individuals looking to enhance or build skills, a mentor is recommended as they offer an abundance of advice and tips to help you advance. Mentors can also help you build resilience and connect you with other professionals in your line of work. While a mentor can be a teacher, coach, boss, family, or a friend, you should carefully select an individual with more experience in the business or in life who can help you hone your abilities and skills. By recognizing the importance of mentorship and community when developing skills, you will attain an abundance of reliable resources. 

Mentors & Community

11 Tips On Learning New Digital Skill Fast – Mentor Others 

In addition to finding a mentor, you may also want to consider mentoring others as it also signifies the importance of mentorship and community. While you can share relevant information to benefit your mentee, you can also build on your skills and further your retention of information. Becoming a mentor will require you to brush up on the skills that you have and help you develop other skills, such as communication skills. If you recognize the importance of mentorship and community, then you may want to consider becoming a mentor. 

11 Tips On Learning New Digital Skill Fast – Get Educated 

If you are looking to develop your digital skills, you may want to consider taking a course to further your development. A good education system can provide a great wealth of knowledge. Professors understand the importance of mentorship and community, and will do everything in their power to ensure quality information. While taking a course in a good education system may require a time commitment, it speeds up the learning process more than if you were to learn and develop the skills on your own. Taking a course within a good education system includes a community element that will connect you to other professionals. So if you understand the importance of mentorship and community, seek assistance in developing your skills from a good education system. 

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11 Tips On Learning New Digital Skill Fast – Keep Practicing

The next of the 11 tips on learning new digital skills fast is to keep practising. Practice truly does make perfect. If you are looking to enhance your digital skills, it may be time to practice your skills until you have committed them to your memory. Whether you are looking to develop coding skills, social media skills, or computer application skills, a little practice can take you a long way. 

11 Tips On Learning New Digital Skill Fast – Test Yourself

Good education systems have always stressed the importance of taking tests and how they encourage the retention of information. Testing yourself is one of the best ways to boost your learning as it beats out other methods of study, such as reading and taking notes. Through the process of recall, you will be amazed at how much information you have retained. Whether the test is provided to you by an institution in good education systems or you decide to administer it yourself, you will benefit greatly from this method. 

11 Tips On Learning New Digital Skill Fast – How To Keep Up With The Ever-Changing Digital World

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Starting An Online Business Part Time

Starting An Online Business Part Time – Setting The Basic Rules

The age of the internet has, without doubt, created multiple money-making opportunities. As a result, many entrepreneurs have launched their business in the ever-growing digital world. Unlike other forms of investments, online businesses are often flexible and can be managed without direct supervision. Due to the flexibility and potential for high returns, online investments have multiplied over the years, more since owners can run the online business as part-time ventures. However, although digital business might be fairly easy to start, maintaining and successfully running the business represents some challenges. Worry not, though, as the below tips will guide you on starting an online business part-time

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Starting An Online Business Part-Time – Commit To The Online Business 

When it comes to starting an online investment part time, commitment is, without doubt, a major requirement for your business to succeed. Commitment is more often than not the difference between successful and unsuccessful ventures. Starting your preferred online business model is the easy part. However, as you will come to realize, the going gets tougher as you grow further in your investment. With the right attitude; however, you will increase your chances of succeeding exponentially. Therefore, as you are starting an online business part-time, ensure you set some basic rules that will act as a guideline for you. Rules help increase your commitment to the cause and ensure you never lose momentum, especially when the going gets tough. 

Starting A Business Part-Time – Time Consciousness 

To succeed in your part-time venture, you will need to develop your time management skills. Those skills will determine how effective you will be in balancing between your full and part-time jobs. Starting an online business part-time means working for longer hours than before when you had only one job to focus on. But, with the required time management skills, starting an online business part-time will likely be successful due to the effective time management skills to fulfil your full-time job and part-time business’ unique demands. 

Courtesy of TED-ed

Starting An Online Business Part-Time – Change Your Mindset 

As an online entrepreneur, you will need to adjust to the demands of your new position. That is, a mindset shift will be necessary for you to transition from an employee to an entrepreneur. If you are employed in your day time job, then you will need to train yourself to develop entrepreneurial skills to help support your new venture. Moreover, as a digital entrepreneur, you must be willing to sacrifice both time and resources. It goes without saying that to succeed in any business, you must be fully prepared to adjust to the various demands. Success in your online business will require a mindset shift, that is, you will need to act like a boss and not as an employee. A proper mindset shift entails being proactive and consistent in your operations for your business to stand a chance in the highly competitive online market. 

Starting An Online Business Part-Time – Maintain Your Motivation

As is obvious, every new business must be given time to develop and eventually breakeven. Thus, as you look forward to starting an online business part-time, you must be mentally prepared for gradual or even delayed returns. The lack of direct income can reduce your motivation to the extent of giving up on the venture. To avoid losing motivation, a mind shift from direct earning is required. You will need to practice patience to allow your online business to grow. Improving your time management skills will help you reduce the pressure on your part-time job. Keeping your other job should act as a motivation to remain patient with your online job. 

Daily Motivation

Starting An Online Business Part-Time- Anticipate Challenges 

Similar to other businesses, when starting an online business part-time, you must anticipate challenges and potential deviations from the initial plan. As mentioned earlier, a mindset shift is required when attempting to invest online. You have to think like an entrepreneur and be ready to make changes to correct unwanted outcomes. Positive time management skills will give you an edge when it comes to restructuring your strategies. Remember, as a new business, you will need to set aside enough time to understand the market response and overall behaviour. 

Starting An Online Business Part-Time – Set Milestones 

When starting an online business part-time, it is compulsory to set both time and goal-based milestones. Without a proper mindset shift, it will be difficult to play the role of an online entrepreneur. More often than not, people running part-time online businesses tend to prioritize their full-time jobs due to regular income. By improving on your time management skills, you will be in a position to set realistic milestones that will move your online business forward. With properly set milestones, you will be able to stay on course to achieve your set goals without exaggerated delays. 

Starting An Online Business Part-Time – Learn To Prioritize 

Courtesy By Brendon.com

With the right mindset shift and time management skills you will be celebrating success in your part-time online venture. As you must be aware by now, balancing between two jobs is not an easy task. This implies that you will need to prioritize your important activities and accomplish them first to allow you enough time to focus on other things. Before your online business begins making significant returns, it is necessary to learn to juggle between the demands of your full-time job and the new business. With a mindset shift and proper time management skills, it will be very reasonable to assume for your new online business to thrive.

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Starting An Online Business Part Time – Setting The Basic Rules

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Escape The 9-5

Escape The 9-5- Start A Lifestyle Business

Escape Sign
Escape Sign

Do you remember the day when you finally got the job? A job starting from nine to five with a lunch break in between. You told your friends and family, and they were ecstatic! You thought: It pays decent money. “Maybe I’ll be able to retire at fifty, instead of sixty-four?” But the office desk was slowly whispering for its next prey, unaware of the unhealthy office environment, long hours, bad posture, physical and mental drainage. The list could continue. Has it been worth it? Maybe it has to a certain degree. But now you are thinking: There must be something better out there!

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The question is: “How do you want to live?” Here are a few points to illustrate that it may be time to escape the 9-5.

Escape The 9-5 -Unhealthy office environment

Being employed is packed with peer pressure, lack of empathy from co-workers, and maybe the boss. Other co-workers bring their politics into the office environment, and if you side with the minority, then a target is placed on your back. It would be best not to be an open book because at the end of the day they are there for them, not for you. Interrogation by simple questions is common, so maybe the time has come to escape the 9-5.

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Escape The 9-5 – Validation

You are not your job! People are told from the very beginning, as kids, to be themselves and not worry about what others believe; moreover, if you settle for a job that does not fit the general rule as having high-status or pay, then a lot of times people start to “chit-chat.” This can affect some or all relationships because a lot of times others have a set criteria, a check-box that must be filled out that determine a person’s value. Those people determine worth from the superficial more often then people will admit.

Escape The 9-5 – Physical/Mental Health

Continuous stress, no matter how small, it damages the health of anyone. It can never be fully avoided, but one person can only take so much. To promote any lifestyle business, health ranks at the very top. Therefore, the right questions need to be asked. “How will this job hurt me if I stay? Is there any benefit for me to continue working? If I quit, what steps do I need to take and when? “

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Escape The 9-5 – Start A Lifestyle Business

The three points that have been illustrated sound a lot like a teenage high-school environment. In all seriousness, it is up to the individual to determine the cost and benefits of the place they work in. A lot of office jobs do serve a purpose and some may not mind the desk environment. Any form of office job causes strain sooner or later, but an unhealthy office environment, plus work that extends past a nine to five time slot into weekends becomes more like slavery. There is absolutely nothing wrong with looking out for yourself. Keeping track of whatever makes you smile will not hurt you. That is what a lifestyle business entails. You have permission to escape the 9-5, and create a path to life only for you.

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Escape The 9-5 – Start A Lifestyle Business

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Clearing Away The Jargon And Fluff

Clearing Away The Jargon And Fluff – Make it understandable how to harness the internet for life changing results

If you are looking to start an online business it can be a very daunting experience to find out where to start. There are a lot of “online gurus” out there promising “quick rich” schemes. It also can be very confusing to find the right education and business module.

The core teaching of the Six Figure Mentors is clearing away the jargon and fluff.

SFM-Six Figure Mentors Logo

Clearing Away The Jargon And Fluff – What is the SFM (The Six Figure Mentors)?

The SFM is an exclusive private community education platform

It provides:

  • The right know-how tools
  • Training
  • Coaching
  • Mentorship
  • Access to e-Learning courses in Business, Marketing, Creative and Technology

Clearing Away The Jargon And Fluff – Is the SFM for You?

The SFM Digital Business System is designed to teach you how to become an effective affiliate marketer. If you decide to take consistent action and work hard, you can create an online income. Even if you have never owned a business or don’t know where to start. The Six Figure Mentors are clearing away the jargon and fluff about the method of harnessing the internet and create a better life.

The Passion of SFM is helping you achieve your lifestyle goals.


  • You are looking to make an extra income
  • You want to change your life
  • You are a parent
  • You are a dissatisfied employer
  • You are a business owner
  • You are a university student
  • You are a professional, tradesman
  • You are an existing affiliate marketer and want to increase your income

Do you want to:

  • generate an income around your lifestyle instead having to put your life on hold working endless hours at a workplace?
  • live anywhere you like?
  • create a business with no heavy overhead that come with a traditional business?
  • learn new skills that you will be able to use for any number of income generating projects?
  • have more freedom to do your own thing?
  • reach your goal without the typical barriers?

Clearing Away The Jargon And Fluff – How does SFM program work?

The SFM training program is clearing away the jargon and fluff to make it easier than ever before to start or grow your online business that can be run from anywhere in the world. The SFM education modules are designed to be hands-on and bite-sized so that you can learn while you are having fun. The action steps are made clear. You’ll also benefit from the support of the friendly community platform (members across the globe learning the ropes just like you), as well as the experienced business system specialists and marketing experts – The SFM support team is always within reach to help you with your journey. At each step of your training, you’ll get the guidance, education and tools to take your mindset and a business venture to the next level, giving you the momentum to begin earning online revenue as quickly as is realistically possible.

Say goodbye to the traditional type of revenue generation. At the SFM you learn how to harness the booming digital economy, using a very effective simplified business system.

You can learn more here

Clearing Away The Jargon And Fluff

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing – A Promotional Strategy

You as a digital marketer promote other company’s products or services to potential online customers. If they make a purchase you get a commission. It is a highly recommended start-up business model for beginners in the digital world.

Why is it so appealing?

If you learn how to master affiliate marketing and once you have the skill you will be able to generate your own income.

  • No large start-up capital needed
  • It can be started part-time
  • You don’t need to have your own product or services
  • It is highly profitable
  • Strong community support among fellow affilate marketers
  • Only need a computer and an internet connection

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Affiliate Marketing – What is the process?

  • First, you need to create your online presence. That is your own website.
    Create trust by writing about yourself and share as much information as you are comfortable with.
    Remember your website is the representation of you so keep it authentic and real. Have a clear no spam policy displayed on your site. It establish trust with your prospects.
  • Find and sign up for an affiliate program on a vendor’s or merchant’s website with existing products or services. Most of them are free to join. Make sure they have a no spam policy clearly displayed on their website.

  • Find an advertising platform. It can be paid (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, YouTube, etc..) or free (blogging, social media, forums) to advertise and generate customer traffic through your website to the vendor’s website.
  • Get paid in commission after every product or service purchase. You could earn high ticket, 25 to 50 % commission per sale, that is paid out every month.

Affiliate Marketing – How to obtain the skill?

When you are new to online marketing it is essential to find an education system that offers the latest, cutting edge tools, resources. The best ones also offer a mentorship program along with like-minded community support. Avoid the “get quick rich” schemes. Your goal is to quickly develop a strong, lasting internet business with a very thorough foundation. Once you have the digital affiliate marketing skill you can promote any product anywhere in the World.

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Affiliate Marketing – What to promote?

Most importantly find a in-demand product or service. You need the find a need for a specific product or service and fill that need.

Something that you already have used, passionate about and believe in. Or have had a transformational value in your life. You might be an expert in a specific area? Remember to provide value that enhances the quality of your audience’s life

Some examples:

  • Weight loss program
  • Education
  • E-book
  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Hobby
  • Self-improvement
  • Life coaching
  • Travel

Affiliate Marketing – Who to promote to?

Find a target demographic. A specific group of people who will be the best prospect of a sale. These are the people you refer to the vendor’s site. You need to work out who you want to promote to. This is your target market or niche. Ask yourself these questions: What age group? What gender? What are they interest in? What is their financial situation? What matters to them? What are their concerns? Their hobbies or interests?

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Affiliate Marketing – Commission

Search for high ticket more expensive products rather than cheap ones. Fore example: You would have to sell a lot more 100 dollar products to earn a decent commission than sell 1000 dollar products with a higher commission value.

Affiliate Marketing – Residual Income

In order to create a sustainable online business, you need multiple income streams. As an affiliate marketer, with most products, you do the work once, and you get paid once. This is where residual income comes into play. This income type is a reoccurring monthly or annual commission. For example, membership fee, subscription fee paid by customers that you referred to a merchants website.

Affiliate Marketing – Finally

When it comes to building a strong online business, it’s important to remember that you’ll want to be consistent with your efforts. Many people use the analogy of a baby. You wouldn’t leave a baby alone to fend for itself. Instead, you’d nurture it. You’d pay close attention to it. Apply the same energy into caring for the health and longevity of your online business so that it can grow and operate successfully.

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Affiliate Marketing – A Promotional Strategy

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10+1 Reasons To Start An Online Business

10 + 1 Reason To Start An Online Business – Why you want to do it

The digital world has entangled itself with our “real” world.
It made life a lot more streamlined, effective, simple and instant.
Starting a business in this unique environment has its own beauty, simplicity, and has a lot of benefits.
Let’s see just a few.

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10+1 Reasons to Start an Online Business

1. Become your own boss – The Biggest reason to start an online business!

Lady working on her laptop in her studio
Self Employed Lady working from home

When you work for someone else you actually make their dreams and visions come true. Why not work on your own dreams and goals?
Imagine when there is no restriction on what you do or learn. Your imagination, creativity, self-awareness, morals and goodwill is your guide!
What would you do?
Are you waiting for some time in the future to achieve those goals and dreams that you have been putting aside?
Why not now?
There is nothing more empowering than being in charge of all areas of your life. And chase after your dreams. That feeling of life is worth living because you have a purpose and a goal to work towards to, is amazing!
You are in your power when making own decisions and take actions with full responsibility. You only have to answer to yourself. 10 + 1 Reasons to Start Your Online Business

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2. Personal Growth

Young boy reaching for the Sky
The Sky Is The Limit

Being self-reliant will force you to keep your mind open. It will put you on a track to learn and move fast with the ever-changing environment.

New knowledge and experience will create a fresh perspective, a wider vision, a different destination. There is always an opportunity to learn new things on professional and on a personal level. Growing as a person includes all aspect of our life.
The relationship, professional, social, health, diet, intellectual and financial.

When you constantly invest and improve yourself,
you make your life and the people’s life around you much better.

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3. Manage your own time

Business Calendar
Business Calendar

A good time management skill is an essential part of being a successful business owner. Imagine creating your own time schedule rather than relying on a boss. You decide on your priorities and plan your day/week/month ahead. No one tells you what you do with your time. All right.. all right.. your partner and your kids will do…
How would you spend your day doing something meaningful to you? What activities would you do in your online business? How much time would you spend on it?

You can start an online business part-time. Just work constantly a few hours a day. Then once it is up and running you can manage your business around your family life rather than another way around.

No more missed school performances or sports events.! Even have time to take the kids to extra music lessons and other activities. How about a random family vacation!? It sounds awesome, doesn’t it!?

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4. No more peak hour traffic

Peak Hour Traffic
Peak Hour Traffic

I used to spend 3 hours a day on bus and train just to get to work and back home. Crowded buses, trains, sometimes smelly too. Lots of frustrating cancellations and angry commuters. You perhaps spend hours in your car stuck in peak hour traffic.

Instead, picture this:
Spending a nice breakfast with your family?
Or go to your local Gym?
Read the paper?
Watch news?
Do something productive? How about sleeping in?

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5. Freedom

 Handcuffs are off

Liberated from the rat race 9-5 job. Not feeling like a puppet pulled by a string.
Freedom of creativity. Let your personality shine through. Rather than trying to fit in and be accepted by some company policy. Or having controlled by procedures.

Being able to truly express ourselves and not feeling ashamed because it doesn’t fit into the company profile.
Wearing the cloth you wish. Not having to wear a compulsory uniform made out of 100 per cent polyester!

How about becoming a global citizen?
No more country borders!! Working from a laptop, iPad or even from a mobile phone. Anywhere in the world only need an internet connection.
One day your office could be by the beach, or in the park, another day in a cafe, hotel or library. Name a country..a region. Let your imagination run wild!

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6. Access to Global Digital Economy

Showing statistics on the laptop screen
Analyzing Digital Economy

Billions of dollars are spent on retail purchases online each year. That amount sounds crazy! Hellllooo!! Enormous earning possibilities!!
Just think about this:
Only 8 per cent of the world’s currency exists as cash. The rest is electronic.

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7. Low start-up cost

To purchase a domain and set up a website is very easy and can be done for a few hundred dollars. Whereas starting a traditional brick and mortar business would have at least thousands of dollars starting up costs not to mention the running costs.
Starting a franchise business cost around 30-50k. You can start an online business for a tiny fraction of this.

8. Earn money 24/7

Money notes
Limitless Earning Possibilities

No more trading your time for money!! Once the business is set up it can be automated. Emails, billing, promotions, payments etc. This means you only do the work once and the rest is taken care of by automated services. Shoot a promotional video and it can be watched by thousands of people over and over again…yet you only did the work once.

9. Feeling more energetic

People are feeling good
Feeling Good

Your energy level is naturally higher when
have a mission,
a purpose in life.

You are able to do things which you thought was impossible. Your brain functions a lot better and it seems that the body is in harmony with it. It is like a well-orchestrated musical piece.

This can be fine-tuned by picking a specific part of the day when you feel most productive. It could be 5 am in the morning or 10 pm at night or 1 pm in the afternoon it doesn’t matter.

10. Being Environmentally Friendly

Beautiful forest
Beautiful Forest

To Work online saves on resources, raw materials and energy. A lot more time can be spent on nurturing a family life or that we value the most.

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10 + 1 Happiness


We are a lot happier when doing the things we love. We also live longer 🙂

These are only a few benefits from the top of my head. Can you think of more?

10+1 Reasons To Start An Online Business

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